Yahweh is good (Ps 100:4-100:5)

“Enter his gates with thanksgiving!

Enter his courts with praise!

Give thanks to him!

Bless his name!

Yahweh is good!

His steadfast love endures forever.

His faithfulness endures to all generations.”

This psalm ends by making that equation of God and good, with “o” the only difference in English. Yahweh is truly good. We are to enter his gates with thanksgiving and praise. We are to give thanks and bless his name because of his goodness. We then have the often repeated thought that his steadfast love and faithfulness endure forever to every generation. This eternal love of God for us is once again prominent.

Yahweh gives power to David (Ps 18:25-18:30)

“With the loyal people,

You show yourself loyal.

With the blameless,

You show yourself blameless.

With the pure,

You show yourself pure.

With the crooked,

You show yourself perverse.

You deliver a humble people.

However, the haughty eyes,

You bring down.

You light my lamp.


My God!

Lights up my darkness.

By you I can crush a troop.

By my God,

I can leap over a wall.

This God,

His way is perfect.

The promise of Yahweh proves true.

He is a shield for all those,

Who take refuge in him.”

Once again like 2 Samuel, chapter 22, Yahweh is loyal and blameless to those who are loyal and blameless. However with the crooked he shows perversion. He delivers the humble and brings down the haughty. Yahweh is the light that lightens the darkness. With Yahweh, David was able to crush a troop or jump over a wall. God was his shield and refuge since his way was perfect.