King Jehoshaphat returns safe (2 Chr 19:1-19:3)

“King Jehoshaphat of Judah returned in safety to his house in Jerusalem. Jehu son of Hanani the seer went out to meet him. He said to King Jehoshaphat. ‘Should you help the wicked and love those who hate Yahweh? Because of this, wrath has gone out against you from Yahweh. Nevertheless some good is found in you. You destroyed the sacred poles out of the land. You have set your heart to seek God.’”

Now, after this episode with King Ahab, we are back to King Jehoshaphat and his life. None of these incidents can be found in 1 Kings. His daughter is now the Queen of Israel as the wife of King Jehoram of Israel. It is not clear how he escaped from the battle at Ramoth-Gilead. Here we have a reprimand by the prophet Jehu who is the son of Hanani. This is the same Hanani who reprimanded his father, King Asa. He now reprimands King Jehoshaphat for being involved with King Ahab. Although Jehu here is the prophet who speaks in the name of Yahweh, another Jehu will become king of Israel and try to wipe out the family of King Ahab including the daughter of King Jehoshaphat and his grandson. King Jehoshaphat got a mixed grade because he got rid of the sacred poles and was truly seeking God in his heart.