Mordecai tells Queen Esther not to be silent (Esth 4:12-4:14)

“When Hachratheus delivered her entire message to Mordecai, then Mordecai told him to go back and say to her.

‘Queen Esther,

Do not say to yourself

That you alone among all the Jews will escape alive.

If you keep quiet at such a time as this,

Help and protection will come to the Jews from another quarter.

You and your father’s family will perish.

Who knows whether it was not for such a time as this?

Was this why you were made queen?’”

After Hachratheus delivered Queen Esther’s message to Mordecai, he responded that she was not safe. She would be destroyed with all the other Jews. If she kept quiet at this time, divine help for other quarters would be needed. She and her whole family would perish. There was no mention of any children here since they would be half Persian and half Jewish. Mordecai hinted that perhaps this is why she was made queen, to intervene at this critical time.

Queen Esther sends a message to Mordecai (Esth 4:9-4:11)

“Hachratheus went in and told Queen Esther all these things that Mordecai had said. Then Queen Esther said to him.

‘Go to Mordecai and say.

‘All nations of the empire know

That if any man or woman goes to the king

Inside the inner court without being called,

There is no escape for that person.

All alike are to be put to death.

Only the one to whom the king stretches out the golden scepter is safe.

It is now thirty days since I was called to go to the king.’”

Hachratheus, the eunuch, went to Queen Esther and told her everything that Mordecai had said. Then she sent him back with another message. She told him that everyone knew that you just cannot stop in and visit with the king. If anyone shows up without being requested, they would die. Only when the king stretches out his golden scepter was it safe to visit with him. She had not seen the king in 30 days.

Mordecai sends the decree to Queen Esther (Esth 4:6-4:8)

“Hachratheus went out to Mordecai in the open square of the city in front of the king’s gate. Mordecai told him all that had happened. He said that Haman had promised to pay ten thousand talents into the royal treasury to bring about the destruction of the Jews. He also gave him a copy of what had been posted in Susa for their destruction. He wanted him to show it to Queen Esther. He told him to charge her to go in to the king. He wanted her to plead for his favor in behalf of her people. He said.

‘Remember the days when you were an ordinary person.

You were brought up under my care.

Haman, who stands next to the king,

He has spoken against us.

He demands our death.

Call upon the Lord!

Then speak to the king on our behalf.

Save us from death!’”

Once again there is a discrepancy between the Hebrew text that does not have the small speech of Mordecai that is found in the Greek text only. The name of the eunuch is slightly different in the Greek text also. However, the idea is about the same. Mordecai gave the decree to the eunuch. He told him that Haman was behind this move to extinguish the Jews in the Persian kingdom. He wanted him to show this decree to Queen Esther. He also wanted Queen Esther to intercede with the king to stop this destruction. In the small soliloquy, Mordecai reminded the queen that she was once an ordinary young girl under his care. He wanted here to be aware that Haman was behind all that was happening since he was calling for their death. He wanted her to pray to God and then speak to the king. Somehow Mordecai does not feel that he is the right one to present this petition to the king.

Queen Esther finds out about the situation of Mordecai (Esth 4:4-4:5)

“When Queen Esther’s maids and eunuchs came and told her, she was deeply troubled by what she had heard that had happened. She sent some clothes to Mordecai to put on instead of his sackcloth. However, he would not consent and accept them. Then Queen Esther called for Hachratheus, the eunuch who attended her. She ordered him to get accurate information for her from Mordecai to learn what was happening and why.”

Queen Esther’s maids and eunuchs came to her to tell her what was happening. She was troubled by what she had heard. She sent some clothes to Mordecai so that he would get rid of his sackcloth. However, he refused. Then the queen sent her personal eunuch to Mordecai to get more accurate information about what was going on and why this was happening to him. She was more of a fact finder while Mordecai was more emotional about this situation.