The sons of Naphtali (1 Chr 7:13-7:13)

“The descendents of Naphtali were Jahziel, Guni, Jezer, and Shallum, the offspring of Bilhah.”

The 4 sons of Naphtali have only a short statement and nothing about their descendents. In Genesis, chapter 46, and Numbers, chapter 26, the names of the sons are exactly the same. Here 2 sons are exactly the same, (2) Guni and (3) Jezer. However, the 2 others are just slightly different, Jahzeel ((1) Jahziel here), and Shillem ((4) Shallum here). Naphtali was the son of Bilhah, the slave girl of Rachel. They came to be known as the Jahzeelites, Gunites, Jezerites, and Shillemites.