The demise of Tyre (Ezek 26:15-26:15)

“Thus says Yahweh God!


Will not the coastlands


At the sound

Of your fall?

Will not the wounded


When slaughter

Goes on

Within you?’”

Yahweh, via Ezekiel, said the demise of Tyre would have a big impact on the other coastal towns, if it was to fall. The shaking of the walls and the groaning of the wounded ones would be heard by many people. There would be a great slaughter among the people of Tyre.

The killing sword (Ezek 21:14-21:14)


Son of man!


Clap your hands!

Let the sword fall


Or thrice.

It is a sword

For killing.

It is a sword

For a great slaughter.

It surrounds them.”

Yahweh wanted the son of man, Ezekiel, to prophesize and clap his hands. The sword was going to fall two or three times. This would be a killing sword that would bring about a great slaughter all around them.