The discipline of wisdom (Sir 6:18-6:22)

“My child!

From your youth,

Choose discipline.

When you have gray hair,

You will still find wisdom.

Come to her like one who plows.

Come to her like one who sows.

Wait for her good harvest.

When you cultivate her,

You will toil but little.

Soon you will eat of her produce.

She seems very harsh to the undisciplined.

Fools cannot remain with her.

She will be like a heavy stone to test them.

They will not delay in casting her aside.

Wisdom is like her name.

She is not really perceived by many.”

Once again, Sirach has a series of admonitions about wisdom. The young people should choose discipline. Even when they have gray hair, they should still seek wisdom. You have to have the discipline to plow and sow in order to get a good harvest of wisdom. You do not have to work too hard to eat of her products. However, this seems very harsh to the undisciplined since fools cannot remain with her. She seems to be a test like a heavy stone to these foolish undisciplined ones. The name of wisdom implies that only a few, not many people, will actually perceive her.

The great harvest thanksgiving (Ps 67:5-67:7)

Let the peoples praise you!

O God!

Let all the peoples praise you!

The earth has yielded its increase.


Our God has blessed us!

May God continue to bless us.

Let all the ends of the earth revere him!”

This short psalm ends with a great thanksgiving for a good harvest. The great refrain about all the people praising God was repeated twice again. God has blessed us with a great harvest. May he continue to do so. All the ends of the earth should revere God.