God the creator (Isa 42:5-42:5)

“Thus says God!


‘I created the heavens.

I stretched them out.

I spread forth the earth.

I spread forth what comes from it.

I give breath to the people upon it.

I give the Spirit to those who walk on it.’”

Another strong theme in Second Isaiah is God the creator. There is no doubt that God, Yahweh, is speaking here. He explicitly says that he created and stretched out the heavens and the earth below. He also spread out the earth and all its vegetation. He gives breath and the Spirit to all the people who walk on this earth. Everything depends on God, Yahweh.

God the creator (Ps 65:5-65:8)

“By awesome deeds

You answer us with deliverance.

O God of our salvation!

You are the hope

Of all the ends of the earth!

You are the hope

Of the farthest seas!

By your strength

You established the mountains.

You are girded with might.

You silence the roaring of the seas.

You silence the roaring of their waves.

You silence the tumult of the peoples.

Those who live

At earth’s farthest bounds

Are awed by your signs.

You make the gateways

Of the morning and the evening

Shout for joy.”

God has done awesome deeds by bringing salvation. However, he has also brought hope to the ends of the earth and the farthest seas. Notice the concept of the Mount Zion centered flat earth. Everything goes from there to the “ends” of the earth. God has made the mountains. He controls the seas and the waves. Even those at the farthest bounds of the earth are awed by God. God has control of the morning and the evening since he controls the sun moving around the joyful flat earth.