Go to Gaza! (Acts 8:26)

“Then an angel of the Lord

Said to Philip.

‘Get up!

Go toward the south!

To the road

That goes down

From Jerusalem

To Gaza.’

This is a wilderness road.”

Ἄγγελος δὲ Κυρίου ἐλάλησεν πρὸς Φίλιππον λέγων Ἀνάστηθι καὶ πορεύου κατὰ μεσημβρία3. ν ἐπὶ τὴν ὁδὸν τὴν καταβαίνουσαν ἀπὸ Ἰερουσαλὴμ εἰς Γάζαν· αὕτη ἐστὶν ἔρημος.

The author of Acts indicated that then an angel of the Lord (Ἄγγελος δὲ Κυρίου) spoke (ἐλάλησεν) to Philip (πρὸς Φίλιππον).  The angel said (λέγων) to get up (Ἀνάστηθι) and go (καὶ πορεύου) toward the south (κατὰ μεσημβρίαν), to the road (ἐπὶ τὴν ὁδὸν) that goes down (τὴν καταβαίνουσαν) from Jerusalem (ἀπὸ Ἰερουσαλὴμ) to Gaza (εἰς Γάζαν), the wilderness road (αὕτη ἐστὶν ἔρημος).  Acts was the only Greek biblical writing that used this word μεσημβρίαν, that means noon or the south.  The followers of Jesus will continue to expand under the guidance of the Holy Spirit.  In this case, an angel of the Lord appeared to Philip to tell him to head south instead of north as he had done in Samaria.  This angel told him what road to take, the wilderness road that goes southwest from Jerusalem to Gaza on the Mediterranean coast.  This unidentified angel was a messenger from God.  Have you ever received a message from God?