Be patient with Yahweh (Ps 37:7-37:7)


Be still before Yahweh!

Wait patiently for him!

Do not fret over

Those who prosper in their ways!

Do not fret over

Those who carry out evil devices!”

However, you need to be still before Yahweh. You have to wait patiently for him. Thus, there is no need to fret over the prosperous ones who carry out evil designs.

Do not worry about the evildoers (Ps 37:1-37:2)

“A psalm of David


Do not fret because of the wicked!

Do not be envious of wrongdoers!

They will soon fade like the grass.

They will wither like the green herbs.”

Once again, Psalm 37 is a long acrostic psalm with the letters of the Hebrew alphabet starting each verse, like Psalms 9, 10, 25, and 34. Thus it is a little incoherent as a simple wisdom psalm of David. The evildoers seem to be doing okay. We should not fret, worry, or be envious about wicked evildoers. They would soon fade like the grass and wither up like the green herbs.