The role of the prophet (Hos 9:8-9:9)

“The prophet is

A sentinel

For my God

Over Ephraim.

Yet a fowler’s snare

Is on all his ways.

Hostility is

In the house

Of his God.

They have deeply

Corrupted themselves,

As in the days of Gibeah.

He will remember

Their iniquity.

He will punish

Their sins.’”

Hosea said that the prophet should be a sentinel or watchman for God over the territory of Ephraim. However, the bird hunter or fowler had set snares for them. There was so much hostility in the house of God. They simply corrupted themselves too much. It was like in the days of Gibeah, as found in the situation over the concubine at Gibeah, in Judges, chapters 19-21. Then Hosea repeated what he had said in the preceding chapter that Yahweh would remember their iniquity, so that he would punish them for their sins.

Yahweh as protector (Ps 91:3-91:6)

“He will deliver you

From the snare of the fowler.

He will deliver you

From the deadly pestilence.

He will cover you with his pinions.

Under his wings

You will find refuge.

His faithfulness is a shield.

His faithfulness is a buckler.

You will not fear

The terror of the night.

You will not fear

The arrow that flies by day.

You will not fear

The pestilence that stalks in darkness.

You will not fear

The destruction that wastes at noonday.”

Yahweh will save you from hunters and disease. He will cover you with his wings. He is like a faithful large shield or a buckler, a forearm shield. You will not have to fear the night, the day, the darkness, or the destructive noonday sun. God will protect you from all these things.