Help us, Yahweh (Ps 89:49-89:51)


Where is your steadfast love of old?

By your faithfulness,

You swore to David.



How your servant is taunted!

I bear in my bosom

The insults of the peoples.

Your enemies taunt us!


They taunt the footsteps of your anointed!”

The psalmist has a cry to Yahweh to remind him of his famous steadfast love from ancient times. He had sworn to help David. Did Yahweh forget? His servant has been taunted and insulted. They have taunted the footsteps of the anointed one David. This is a final plea to this psalm, probably at the time of the captivity.

The final plea to Yahweh not to forsake David (Ps 38:21-38:22)

“Do not forsake me!


O my God!

Do not be far from me!

Make haste to help me!


My salvation!”

The final plea of David was to remind Yahweh not to forsake him, not to abandon him. He wanted Yahweh to come quickly to help him. This psalm ends with the cry that Yahweh was his salvation.