False teachers (chapter 2)

This author said that false prophets arose among the people.  So too, false teachers will arise among us.  They will secretly bring in destructive opinions.  They will even deny the master who brought them to salvation.  However, they will bring swift destruction upon themselves.  Many people will follow their evil ways.  The way of truth will be maligned.  In their greed, they will exploit us with deceptive words.  Their condemnation and destruction are not sitting idle.  Have you encountered false teachers about Jesus Christ?

False teachers (chapter 1)

Paul said that there were many rebellious people among the circumcised group.  They were insubordinate, vain talkers, and deceivers.  They had to be silenced since they were disturbing whole families with their false teachings.  Titus should remember that the people from Crete were liars, evil, and lazy gluttons.  The testimony of this ancient Greek poet was true.  Thus, Titus should rebuke these Cretans to make sure that they are sound in their faith.  Titus was not to pay attention to Jewish myths and other false human commands.  Then Paul explained that to the pure all things are pure.  However, to the corrupt unbelievers, nothing is pure.  These false teachers pretend to know God, but they deny him by their actions.  Are you consistent in your teaching and behavior?

False teachers (chapter 3)

These false teachers hold or pretend to have the outward form of godliness, but they would deny its power.  They are in various households captivating women who always need further instruction.  Just like at the time of Moses, they oppose the truth with their corrupt minds and counterfeit faith.  However, they will not make much progress because their folly will become evident.  Do you know the folly of false teachers?

False teachers (chapter 6)

Paul said that Timothy should teach these things about their Christian duties.  Anyone who was teaching otherwise, did not agree with Jesus Christ and his godly sound teachings.  These false teachers are conceited and do not understand anything.  They have a craving for controversy and disputes.  They are envious, dissenters, slanderers, and suspicious.  They are depraved and do not know the truth.  They misuse godliness, since godliness needs to be combined with contentment.  Do you know any false Christian teachers?