Thanksgiving to God (Ps 56:12-56:13)

“My vows to you

I must perform,

O God!

I will render thanksgiving offerings to you.

You have delivered my soul from death.

You have delivered my feet from falling.

Thus I may walk before God

In the light of life.”

This psalm ends with a thanksgiving to God. David renews his vows to give a thanksgiving offering to God. God had delivered him from death. He had kept his feet from falling. Thus he now was able to walk before God in the light of life instead of death.

The city of God (Ps 46:4-46:7)

“There is a river whose streams

Make glad the city of God.

This is the holy habitation of the Most High.

God is in the midst of the city.

It shall not be moved.

God will help it

When the morning dawns.

The nations are in an uproar.

The kingdoms totter.

He utters his voice.

The earth melts.

Yahweh of hosts is with us.

The God of Jacob is our refuge.”


The symbolic river around the holy city of Jerusalem called streams only leads to the enchantment of this city of God. Those who live there are holy because God is in the midst of them. The city will not be moved since God is with them from early morning on. Even when the nations are in an uproar, or kingdoms are falling, God’s voice would be there to melt the earth. This section ends with the refrain of Yahweh, the God of Jacob, as his refuge. Perhaps this should have been in the first section also, before the Selah, musical interlude pause, as it is here.