The blessings for the Jews in Egypt (2 Macc 1:2-1:6)

“May God be good to you.

May God remember his covenant

With Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob,

His faithful servants.

May God give you all a heart to worship him.

May you do his will with a strong heart and a willing spirit.

May God open your heart to his law and his commandments.

May God bring peace.

May God hear your prayers.

May God be reconciled to you.

May God not forsake you in time of evil.

We are now praying for you here.”

There is an obvious reference to the God of our common ancestors, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, as outlined in Genesis. They have this common bond with their faithful ancestors. This biblical author wants to make sure that God blesses his kindred in Egypt. He wants God to be good to them. However, he also expects that they are worshiping God with a strong heart and willing spirit. He hopes that they are listening to the law and the commandments. Thus they will have peace as God will hear their prayers, be reconciled to them, and not abandon them in bad times. That is the simple prayer of the people of Jerusalem and Judea.