The lover is gone (Song 6:1-6:1)


“Where has your beloved gone?

O fairest among women!

Which way has your beloved turned?

We may seek him with you.”

This chorus of the Jerusalem daughters wanted to know where her lover had gone. They wanted to help her find him, since she was the fairest among all women. However, they needed some guidance.

Find the flock (Song 1:8-1:8)


“If you do not know,

O fairest among women!

Follow in the tracks of the flock.

Pasture your kids

Beside the shepherds’ tents.”

Now the Greek chorus will tell this woman, who is the fairest of them all, where to go. She is the Snow White witch looking in the mirror to find the fairest of them all. She just has to follow the tracks of the flock. She could then pasture her flock next to the shepherd’s tents.