The attackers of Jerusalem (Ezek 23:23-23:24)

“The Babylonians,

All the Chaldeans,

With Pekod,



Will come.

All the Assyrians

Will be with them.

The handsome young men,

The governors,

The commanders

All of them,



All of them

Riding on horses

Will come.

They shall come

Against you

From the north

With chariots,

With wagons,

With a host of people.

They shall set themselves

Against you

On every side

With buckler,

With shield,

With helmet.

I will commit

The judgment

To them.

They shall judge you

According to their ordinances.”

The Babylonians, all the Chaldeans, including their mercenaries from Pekod, Shoa, and Koa would come against Jerusalem. All the Assyrians would be with them, including those handsome young men, the governors, and the commanders. All the officers, warriors, and those riding on horses would come against Jerusalem from the north with their chariots, wagons, and a whole army of people. They would be on every side of Jerusalem with their hand shields or bucklers, large shields, and helmets. Yahweh was going to leave the judgment of Jerusalem up to them. They would judge Jerusalem according to their own laws.

The warning against Oholibah (Ezek 23:22-23:22)


O Oholibah!

Thus says Yahweh God!

‘I will rouse

Against you

Your lovers

From whom

You turned

In disgust.

I will bring them

Against you

From every side.’”

Yahweh, via Ezekiel, warned Oholibah, Jerusalem, that he was going to get all her former lovers together. They were going to turn against her from every side. There was big trouble brewing.

The sacking of Babylon (Jer 50:26-50:27)

“Come against her

From every quarter!

Open her granaries!

Pile her up

Like heaps of grain!

Destroy her utterly!

Let nothing be left of her!

Kill all her bulls!

Let them go down

To the slaughter!

Woe to them!

Their day has come!

The time

Of their punishment!”

There was to be a complete destruction in Babylon. They were to come from every side. They were to open up the Babylonian granaries. Let them be piled up like heaps of grain. Nothing should be left of the Babylonians. They were to slaughter all the Babylonian bulls. The day of punishment would come upon the Babylonians.

The role of a historian (2 Macc 2:29-2:31)

“The master builder of a new house must be concerned with the whole construction. However, the one who undertakes its painting and decoration has to consider only what is suitable for its adornment. Such in my judgment is the case with us. It is the duty of the original historian to occupy the ground, to discuss matters from every side, and to take trouble with details. However, the one who recasts the narrative should be allowed to strive for brevity of expression and to forego exhaustive treatment.”

Do not look for details in this presentation. That was the work of the original historian. This is something to remember when reading many of the books of the Bible. The builder of the house must be concerned with the whole construction. However, the painter only has to worry about how it looks. The original historian had to discuss matters from every side and go into the details. The painter, like himself, only is concerned with the narrative. He will be brief and not exhaustive in his presentation. He is not a historian, neither are any of the other biblical writers.