The Lord’s knowledge (Sir 42:18-42:20)

“The Lord searches out the abyss.

He searches out the human heart.

He understands their innermost secrets.

The Most High knows

All that may be known.

He sees from old

The things that are to come.

He sees the signs of the age.

He discloses what has been.

He discloses what is to be.

He reveals the traces of hidden things.

No thought escapes him.

Nothing is hidden from him.”

The Lord knows the depths of everything. He knows the secrets of the human heart. The Most High God knows all that can be known since he knows about the past and the things to come. He understands the signs of the ages. He can tell you about the past and the future. He knows all about the hidden things, since nothing escapes him. Nothing is hidden from him because the Lord is all-knowing.

The canticle prayer of Tobit (Tob 13:1-13:2)

“Then Tobit said.

‘Blessed be God who lives forever!

His kingdom lasts throughout all ages.

He afflicts.

He shows mercy.

He leads down to Hades,

In the lowest regions of the earth.

He brings up from the great abyss.

There is nothing that can escape his hand.’

Some believe that chapters 13 and 14 were added since they apply directly to Tobit. Once again, Tobit blessed God forever. He both afflicted us and showed mercy. He leads us down and brings us up. Hades is described as the lowest regions of the earth. Nothing escapes God.