The sons of Shimei (1 Chr 8:19-8:21)

“Jakim, Zichri, Zabdi, Elienai, Zillethai, Eliel, Adaiah, Beraiah, and Shimrath were the sons of Shimei.”

Shimei had 9 sons. Although there are over 12 different people with the name of Shimei, this Shimei may refer to the Shema in Aijalon. At least, they were both Benjaminites, if not the same person. There is only 1 other (1) Jakim. There were 12 other people with the name of (2) Zichri with 4 of them being Benjaminites, but only 4 people with the name of (3) Zabdi. These are the only mentions of (4) Elienai, (8) Beraiah, and (9) Shimrath, but there is one other (5) Zillethai. There are 8 other people with the names of (6) Eliel and (7) Adaiah.