The glory of God in the east (Ezek 43:2-43:2)


The glory

Of the God of Israel

Was coming

From the east.

The sound was

Like the sound

Of mighty waters.

The earth shone

With his glory.”

Suddenly, the glory of the God of Israel came from the east, while Ezekiel was standing at the east gate. This glorious God sounded like mighty waters. The whole earth shone with his glory. This was a very strong visual and auditory appearance of God, Yahweh, much like in the earlier chapters. Here, Ezekiel was standing at the eastern gate of the Temple with the bronze man. Quite often, the glory of God can seem like the rising sun, but that is not specifically mentioned here.


The valley of the dry bones (Ezek 37:1-37:2)

“The hand of Yahweh

Came upon me.

He brought me out

By the Spirit of Yahweh.

He set me down

In the middle

Of a valley

That was full of bones.

He led me

All around them.

There were very many

Lying in the valley.

They were very dry.”

This time, like in the earlier chapters, Yahweh transported Ezekiel to a different place. Yahweh came upon Ezekiel. Then the Spirit or Yahweh brought him to a large valley full of bones. Ezekiel was able to walk around them, since there were so many of these very dry bones lying around in this valley. Perhaps this is allusion to the Israelite exiles who were like dead bones.