Make them drink wine (Jer 35:5-35:6)

“Then I set

Before the Rechabites

Pitchers full of wine,

With cups.

I said to them.

‘Have some wine!’

But they answered.

‘We will drink no wine!

Our ancestor Jonadab

The son of Rechab,

Commanded us.

‘You shall never drink wine!

Neither you!

Not your children!”

Jeremiah personally continues this story by following the orders of Yahweh. He set full pitchers of wine with drinking cups beside them. He then invited the Rechabites to drink some wine. However, they answered that they would not drink any wine because their ancestor Jonadab, the son of Rechab, had commanded them to never drink wine. Thus, they, and their children, would never drink wine. This is like the old Irish pledge not to drink alcohol.