Yahweh’s six year slavery commandment (Jer 34:12-34:14)

“The word of Yahweh

Came to Jeremiah

From Yahweh.

‘Thus says Yahweh!

The God of Israel!

I myself

Made a covenant

With your ancestors

When I brought them

Out of the land of Egypt,

Out of the house of slavery,


‘Every seventh year,

Each of you

Must set free

Any Hebrews

Who has been sold to you.

If they served you six years,

You must set them free

From your service.’

But your ancestors

Did not listen to me.

They did not incline

Their ears to me.’”

Once again the word of Yahweh came to Jeremiah, but this time it was to present Yahweh’s views on slavery. Yahweh had already made a covenant with their ancestors on this subject when he brought them out of slavery in Egypt. Yahweh’s commandment was to have only 6 years of slavery. Any purchased Hebrew slave should be let go on the 7th year. Like much else, their ancestors did not listen to Yahweh and his commands. Instead, they did what they wanted to do.