Yahweh is their God (Joel 2:27-2:27)

“You shall know

That I am

In the midst

Of Israel.



Am your God.

There is no other.

My people

Shall never again

Be put to shame.”

Yahweh, via Joel, proclaimed that he was in the midst of Israel. There was no other God for them. He, Yahweh, was their God, no one else. They, his people, would never again be put to shame. These are strong statements.

The conclusion about Yahweh (Ezek 39:28-39:29)

“‘Then they shall know

That I am Yahweh,

Their God.

I sent them

Into exile

Among the nations.

I then gathered them

Into their own land.

I will leave

None of them


I will never again

Hide my face

From them.

I will pour out

My Spirit

On the house of Israel.’

Says Yahweh God.”

Yahweh, via Ezekiel summarized his main idea that the house of Israel would now know that Yahweh was their God. He had sent them into exile and now he would gather them back into their own land, with none left behind. Yahweh said that he would never again hide his face from his people. He was going to pour out his Spirit on the house of Israel.