Liturgical blessing (Ps 134:1-134:2)

A song of ascents


Bless Yahweh!

All you servants of Yahweh!

You stand by night

In the house of Yahweh!

Lift up your hands to the holy place!

Bless Yahweh!”

Psalm 134 is the last in this series of pilgrimage songs on the ascent to Jerusalem. This short psalm is a blessing. They were called to bless Yahweh. These were the servants of Yahweh, who stood in the house of Yahweh at night. They were to lift up their hands and bless Yahweh.

Seeking Yahweh (Ps 77:1-77:3)

To the choirmaster leader, according to Jeduthun, a psalm of Asaph

“I cry aloud to God!

I cry aloud to God!

Thus he may hear me!

In the day of my trouble

I seek Yahweh!

In the night

My hand is stretched out without wearying.

My soul refuses to be comforted.

I think of God!

I moan!

I meditate!

My spirit faints!”


Psalm 77 is another in the choral psalms of Asaph, the Temple singer.   This time it is according to Jeduthun, the name of one of the Levite Merari families that David appointed as music master in 1 Chronicles, chapters 16 and 25. Jeduthun was a trumpet player. His sons led the music in the Temple. His name appears here and in Psalms 39 and 62. Once again this is a lamentation about how bad things are. Asaph or this psalmist is seeking Yahweh with a personal cry to God. He cried out aloud so that God could hear him. When he was in trouble he always sought Yahweh. He spent his nights with outstretched arms in prayer. He refused to be comforted. He was thinking of God. He moaned and meditated as his spirit became faint. This section ends with the musical interlude meditative pause of Selah.