Odd situations (Prov 27:5-27:7)

“Better is open rebuke

Than hidden love.

Well meant

Are the wounds

A friend inflicts.

Profuse are the kisses of an enemy.

The sated appetite spurns honey.

But to a ravenous appetite

Even the bitter is sweet.”

Here we have a series of pithy sayings. It is better to rebuke someone than have a hidden love. A friend can inflict a wound also. The profuse kisses of an enemy are false. If you are filled and not hungry, you will turn away from honey. Apparently honey was a great delicacy. However, if you are hungry, even bitter things will seem sweet.

Wisdom and honey (Prov 24:13-24:14)

“My child!

Eat honey!

It is good.

The drippings of the honeycomb

Are sweet to your taste.

Know that wisdom is such to your soul.

If you find it,

You will find a future.

Your hope will not be cut off.”

There is nothing wrong with eating honey because it is good and tastes sweet. Wisdom is like honey to your soul because it is good. If you find wisdom, you will have a hopeful future.