Holy Mount Zion (Ob 1:17-1:17)

“But on Mount Zion,

There shall be

Those that escape.

It shall be holy.

The house of Jacob

Shall take possession

Of those who dispossessed


At holy Mount Zion, it will be another story.  There, the house of Jacob would take possession of those who had dispossessed them.

The mighty Bashan Mountains (Ps 68:15-68:16)

“O mighty mountain!

Mountain of Bashan!

O many-peaked mountain!

Mountain of Bashan!

O many-peaked mountain!

Why do you look with envy

At the mount that God desired for his abode?

Yahweh will reside there forever.”

The mighty Bashan Mountains, east of the Sea of Galilee, today are called the Golan Heights, the border between Israel and Syria. These peaked mountains were a place of dispute in the biblical times, and even today. These mountains looked with envy on the mountain that Yahweh chose to abide, which would be Mount Zion in Jerusalem. Thus we have the personification of mountains.