Drinking on the mountain (Ob 1:16-1:16)

“As you have drunk

On my holy mountain,

All the nations

Around you

Shall drink.

They shall drink.

They shall gulp it down.

They shall be

As though

They had not been.”

Just as the Israelites had drunk wine on the holy mountain, other countries would drink wine, just as they did.  In fact, they would gulp down their drinks.  However, they would become as if they had never existed.

Wine (Prov 20:1-20:2)

“Wine is a mocker.

Strong drink is a brawler.

Whoever is led astray by wine

Is not wise.

The dread wrath of a king is

Like the growling of a lion.

Anyone who provokes the king to anger

Forfeits his life.”

Wine makes people mock each other. Strong alcoholic drink will lead to brawling and fighting. Whoever is led astray by wine is not wise. Once again we have the comparison of the anger of a king to that of a growling lion as in the preceding parable. If you provoke the king to anger, then you forfeit your life.