The prayer of Jeremiah to the all powerful God (Jer 32:17-32:19)

“O Lord God!

It is you!

You made the heavens!

You made the earth!

By your great power!

By your outstretched arm!

Nothing is too hard for you!

You show steadfast love

To the thousandth generation.

But you repay

The guilt of parents

Into the laps of their children

After them.

O great mighty God!

Your name is Yahweh of hosts!

You are great in counsel!

You are mighty in deeds!

Your eyes are open

To all the ways of mortals!

You reward all

According to their ways,

According to the fruit

Of their doings!”

Jeremiah’s prays to an all powerful God, who has made heaven and earth by his potent outstretched hand. There is nothing too hard for God to do. God’s love lasts over 1,000 generations. However, he repays the guilt of the parents by putting it into the laps of their children, who come after them. Yahweh of hosts is the name of this God, who is great and mighty in deeds. He gives counsel, as his eyes are open to the various ways of mortals. He rewards humans according to their ways and the fruit of their actions.

The message of the powerful God to Jeremiah (Jer 27:4-27:5)

“Give them this charge

For their masters.

Thus says Yahweh of hosts!

The God of Israel!

This is what you shall say

To your masters.

‘It is I,

Who by my great power,

With my outstretched arm,

Have made the earth,

With the people,

With the animals

That are on the earth.

I give it to

Whomever I please.”

Yahweh explained his power to Jeremiah, who was then to tell these various envoys when they returned to their leaders. Yahweh, the God of Israel, has great power with his outstretched arm. He has made the earth with all the people and animals that are on this earth. Thus he can do whatever he wants to do, since he is all powerful.

The power of God (Job 36:22-36:23)


God is exalted in his power.

Who is a teacher like him?

Who has prescribed for him his way?

Who can say?

‘You have done wrong’”

Elihu wanted Job to recognize God. He pointed out that God was all powerful. There was no teacher like him. No one told him which way to go. He had never done anything wrong.