Asking Yahweh to help (Ps 79:8-79:10)

“Do not remember against us

The iniquities of our ancestors.

Let your compassion come speedily to meet us.

We are brought very low.

Help us!

O God of our salvation!

For the glory of your name!

Deliver us!

Forgive our sins!

For your name’s sake!

Why should the nations say?

‘Where is their God?’

Let the avenging of the outpoured blood

Of your servants

Be known among the nations

Before our eyes!”

Their ancestor’s iniquities should not cause a problem today. God should not remember them, rather he should have compassion on the present day lowly Israelites. The glory of God’s name should deliver them. Their sins should be forgiven for God’s name. Why should the nations say that their God is gone? He should avenge the outpoured blood on the other nations, right before their eyes.