King Solomon’s prayer for foreigners (2 Chr 6:32-6:33)

“Likewise when foreigners,

Who are not of your people Israel,

Come from a distant land because of your great name,

Your mighty hand,

And your outstretched arm,

When they come and pray toward this house,

May you hear from heaven your dwelling place.

Do whatever the foreigners ask of you.

In order that all the peoples of the earth

May know your name

And fear you,

As do your people Israel.

That they may know that your name has been invoked,

On this house that I have built.”

This prayer is a lot like the prayer in 1 Kings, chapter 8, except the foreigner is plural with a few minor changes here and there. This is a more universal plea. Even foreigners may come to Yahweh’s temple. If anyone comes because of his name and prays, Yahweh in heaven should listen. Solomon wants Yahweh to do what the foreigner wants. He said that all the people on earth will know Yahweh’s name, hand, and arm. They will all fear him when the name of Yahweh is invoked in this house or Temple. Probably, this was a post-exilic plea.