We all have a general sense of values, to do good, avoid evil, and tell the truth.  However, there is a process of moral reasoning.  How do we apply this sense of values to concrete situations?  An example might be truth in advertising.  Quite often there is no outright lie, but rather a shading or emphasis on a certain good side.  Our community helps us shape this decision.  Your attitude to advertising will be different if you are working in advertising versus working in a consumer advocate group.

The lamentation over this sudden disaster (Jer 4:19-4:22)

“My anguish!

My anguish!

I writhe in pain!


The walls of my heart!

My heart is beating wildly!

I cannot keep silent!

I hear the sound of the trumpet.

I hear the alarm of war.

Disaster overtakes disaster.

The whole land is laid waste.

Suddenly my tents are destroyed.

My curtains are destroyed in a moment.

How long must

I see the standard?

How long must

I hear the sound of the trumpet?

‘My people are foolish.

They do not know me.

They are stupid children.

They have no understanding.

They are skilled in doing evil.

But they do not know

How to do good.’”

Jeremiah laments the actions that are taking place. He is pained and in anguish. His heart is beating wildly as he hears the sound of the war trumpet. There was disaster after disaster in the land, as their tents and curtains were also destroyed quickly. He wondered how long this was going to last. He realized that his people were foolish, acting like stupid children, not listening to him. They had no understanding of what was happening. The only thing that they knew was evil, since they did not know how to do good things.

Do good (Ps 37:27-37:28)


“Depart from evil!

Do good!

Thus you shall abide forever.

Yahweh loves justice.

He will not forsake his faithful ones.”

Yahweh wanted his followers to avoid evil and do good. He would then stay with them forever. Is this a hint at an eternal life? Yahweh loves justice so that he would never desert his faithful followers.

The prayer of Raphael (Tob 12:6-12:7)

“Then Raphael called the two of them privately. He said to them.

‘Bless God!

Give thanks to him!

Acknowledge him in the presence of all the living

For what he has done for you.

Bless God!

Sing praise to his name!

With fitting honor,

Declare to all the people

The deeds of God.

Do not be slow to acknowledge him.

It is good to conceal the secret of a king,

But to acknowledge the works of God

But to reveal the works of God.

Do good!

Evil will not overtake you.’”

Raphael revealed his prayer to Tobit and Tobias. Bless and give thanks to God. Acknowledge his presence in all living things. Bless God for all that he has done for you. Sing praises to his name. Declare to all the people his great deeds. Do not be slow to acknowledge God and his works in your life. Do good so that evil will not overtake you. Here it is not the God of Israel or what he has done to his people. Here God works in their private lives. We have to proclaim the good news in our lives that God has provided for us.