Estates (Prov 20:21-20:24)

“An estate quickly acquired in the beginning

Will not be blessed in the end.

Do not say.

‘I will repay evil.’

Wait for Yahweh.

He will help you.

Diverse weights are an abomination to Yahweh.

False scales are not good.

All our steps are ordered by Yahweh.

How then can we understand our own ways?”

If you get money too quickly, it will not be blessed in the end. Do not try to repay evil. Wait for Yahweh to help you. Once again, there is an admonition about diverse weights and false scales. This must have been quite a problem because it keeps coming up. Our steps are determined by Yahweh so that we cannot understand our own ways.

Righteous humans (Prov 20:7-20:10)

“The righteous walk in integrity.

Happy are the children who follow them!

A king who sits on the throne of judgment

Winnows all evil with his eyes.

Who can say?

‘I have made my heart clean.

I am pure from my sin’

Diverse weights

Are an abomination to Yahweh.

Likewise diverse measures

Are an abomination to Yahweh.”

The righteous people walk with integrity. Any children who follow the ways of the righteous with their integrity will be happy children. The king on his throne will be righteous if he removes or winnows all evil from his eyes. However, it is doubtful if anyone has a pure and clean heart. Yahweh does not like diverse weights and measures. There should be one standard, otherwise it is an abomination.