The campaign in Galilee against the gentiles (1 Macc 5:21-5:23)

“So Simon went to Galilee. He fought many battles against the gentiles. The gentiles were crushed before him. He pursued them to the gate of Ptolemais. As many as three thousand of the gentiles fell. He despoiled them. Then he took the Jews of Galilee and Arbatta, with their wives and children, and all they possessed as he led them to Judea with great rejoicing.”

Simon with his 3,000 men fought against the gentiles in Galilee. He crushed them as he killed about 3,000 gentiles. He pursued them to the coast around Ptolemais. He then took the Jews from Galilee and Arbatta, a town around the Sea of Galilee, and brought all of them with their wives, children, and all their possessions to Judea with great joy.

Judas Maccabeus against Idumea (1 Macc 5:3-5:5)

“Judas made war on the descendents of Esau in Idumea, at Akrabattene, because they kept lying in wait for Israel. He dealt them a heavy blow. He humbled them and despoiled them. He also remembered the wickedness of the sons of Baean, who were a trap and a snare to the people as they ambushed them on the highways. They were shut up by him in their towers. He encamped against them. He vowed their complete destruction. He burned with fire their towers and all who were in them.”

The descendents of Esau are not exactly gentiles since Esau was the brother of Jacob. In fact they were all Semites, not gentiles, since they were all related. Nevertheless, Judas Maccabeus attacked them in Idumea in Akrabattene, which was on the border of Judea and Idumea, south of Judea. They were wicked people who would attack people on the highways like highway robbers. He burned them in their towers.