Circumcision as a seal of faith (Rom 4:11)

“Abraham received

The sign of circumcision

As a seal

Of the righteousness

That he had by faith,

While he was still uncircumcised.

The purpose

Was to make him

The ancestor

Of all who believe

Without being circumcised.

They have righteousness

Reckoned to them.”

καὶ σημεῖον ἔλαβεν περιτομῆς σφραγῖδα τῆς δικαιοσύνης τῆς πίστεως τῆς ἐν τῇ ἀκροβυστίᾳ, εἰς τὸ εἶναι αὐτὸν πατέρα πάντων τῶν πιστευόντων δι’ ἀκροβυστίας, εἰς τὸ λογισθῆναι αὐτοῖς τὴν δικαιοσύνην,

Paul said that Abraham received (ἔλαβεν) the sign (καὶ σημεῖον) of circumcision (περιτομῆς) as a seal (σφραγῖδα) of the righteousness (τῆς δικαιοσύνης) that he had by faith (τῆς πίστεως), while he was still uncircumcised (τῆς ἐν τῇ ἀκροβυστίᾳ).  The purpose was to make him (εἰς τὸ εἶναι αὐτὸν) the ancestor of all (πατέρα πάντων) who believed (τῶν πιστευόντων) without being circumcised (δι’ ἀκροβυστίας).  They have righteousness (τὴν δικαιοσύνην) reckoned to them (εἰς τὸ λογισθῆναι αὐτοῖς).  Paul explained that Abraham received the sign of circumcision as a seal of his righteousness that had come from faith, while he was still not circumcised.  Thus, he became the ancestor of all the uncircumcised people who believe and are thus righteous themselves.  In other words, circumcision was a seal of what had already taken place via faith.  Abraham had faith in God, Yahweh, before he was circumcised.  Thus, he is the father or ancestor of all who believe in God, circumcised or not.  This word seal or σφραγίς will be used by the early Christians in conjunction with initiation baptism as the seal of the Spirit, what later Christians would call confirmation, replacing the concept of circumcision.  Have you been sealed with the Spirit?