The good wife (Sir 26:1-26:4)

“Happy is the husband

Of a good wife.

The number of his days

Will be doubled.

A loyal wife brings joy

To her husband.

He will complete

His years in peace.

A good wife is

A great blessing.

She will be granted

Among the blessings

Of the man who fears the Lord.

Whether rich or poor,

His heart is content.

At all times,

His face is cheerful.”

Now we see the opposite, the good wife.   Sirach says that a husband will be happy if he has a good loyal wife. She will bring joy to her husband. He will live twice as long, and complete his years in peace. This good wife is a great blessing, especially for those who fear the Lord. Whether rich or poor, he will be content at all times with the cheerful face of his good wife. It seems that the burden of any marriage falls on the wife rather than the husband.

The heart (Sir 13:25-13:26)

“The heart changes the countenance,

Either for good or for evil.

The sign of a happy heart

Is a cheerful face.

Devising proverbs

Requires painful thinking.”

If you look at someone, you can tell whether they have a happy heart. The heart has an effect on how you look, whether for good or evil. A cheerful face is a sign of a happy heart. If you have a painful face, it may be than you are trying to formulate proverbs, like our friend Sirach. He may not have had a happy face.