Do not delay (Dan 9:17-9:19)

“Now therefore!

O our God!

Listen to the prayer

Of your servant!

Listen to his supplications!

For your own sake!

O Lord!

Let your face

Shine upon

Your desolated sanctuary!

O my God!

Incline your ear!


Open your eyes!

Look at our desolation!

Look at the city

That bears your name!

We do not present

Our supplications

Before you

On the ground

Of our righteousness,

But on the ground

Of your great mercies.

O Lord!


O Lord!


O Lord!



Do not delay!

For your own sake,

O my God,

Because your city,

Your people,

Bear your name.”

Daniel finished up this prayer with a demand that the Lord God act right away and not delay. He wanted God to see and listen to his prayers and supplications, not because of their righteousness, but for the sake of his name and his great mercy. He wanted God to see their desolated sanctuary. He wanted God to see what was happening to the city that bore his name. He wanted God to see, hear, listen, forgive, act, and not delay.

Punishment for refusing to drink (Jer 25:28-25:29)

“If they refuse

To accept the cup

From your hand,

Then you shall say to them,

Thus says Yahweh of hosts.

‘You must drink!


I am beginning

To bring disaster

On the city

That is called by my name.

How can you possibly

Avoid punishment?

You shall not go unpunished!

I am summoning a sword

Against all the inhabitants

Of the earth.’

Says Yahweh of hosts.”

Yahweh then tells Jeremiah what to say if they refuse to drink the cup of wrath from his hand. He told Jeremiah to say that they have to drink this cup. Yahweh was already preparing a disaster for the city that bore his name, Jerusalem. How could they possibly go unpunished? Yahweh was going to bring the sword to all the people living on earth. It would be a devastating end to the world.