Bildad the Shuhite chimes in (Job 8:1-8:7)

“Then Bildad the Shuhite answered.

‘How long will you say these things?

How long will the words of your mouth be a great wind?

Does God pervert justice?

Does the Almighty Shaddai pervert the right?

If your children have sinned against him,

He has delivered them into the power of their transgressions.

If you will seek God,

If you make supplication to the Almighty Shaddai,

If you are pure and upright,

Surely then he will rouse himself for you.

He will restore to you your rightful place.

Although your beginning was small,

Your latter days will be very great.’”

Bildad thinks that maybe the children of Job have sinned. He is less compassionate than Eliphaz. He felt that Job was accusing God of perverting justice. Job was being punished for the sins of his children not his own sinful or blameless life. Once again referring to God as the Almighty one, Shaddai, Bildad told Job to pray to God to help him. If Job was pure and upright, surely he would be restored to his rightful place. His later days will be great despite the awkward situation now.