David asks Yahweh to hear his lament (Ps 7:1-7:2)

“A Shiggaion of David, which he sang to Yahweh concerning Cush, a Benjaminite.

Yahweh my God!

In you,

I take refuge.

Save me!

From all my pursuers,

Deliver me!

Like a lion,

They will tear me apart.

They will drag me away.

No one will rescue me.”

Once again this Psalm 7 is a lament or shiggaion of David. A shiggaion is an emotional mourning psalm. This psalm has a specific indicent found in 2 Samuel, chapter 18, when the Cushite brought him the bad news that David’s rebellious son Absalom had been killed in battle. However, the addition of a Benjaminite might refer to Saul at an earlier time, since Saul was from the territory of Benjamin. There is very little mention of the death of David’s son. This is more about the enemies of David who were attacking him, like Saul. David wanted to take refuge in Yahweh. He wanted to be saved from all his pursuers. He felt that they were like lions, who would tear him apart and drag him away. He asked to be rescued by Yahweh because no one else would.

The revolt of Sheba (2 Sam 20:1-20:2)

“Now a scoundrel named Sheba son of Bichri, a Benjaminite happened to be there. He blew the trumpet, and cried out.

‘We have no portion in David,

No share in the son of Jesse!

Everyone to your tents, O Israel!’

So all the people of Israel withdrew from David, and followed Sheba son of Bichri. But the people of Judah followed their king steadfastly from the Jordan to Jerusalem.”

The Benjaminites seem to be the most disruptive of the tribes. The other tribes appear to be against them as in Judges, chapters 19-21. However, in this case the Israelites follow Sheba, who obviously was a follower of Absalom. The people of Judah stand firm with the man from Bethlehem, David.