The justice of Yahweh (Isa 28:5-28:6)

“In that day,

Yahweh of hosts

Will be a garland of glory.

He will be a diadem of beauty,

To the remnant of his people.

Yahweh will be a spirit of justice

To the one who sits in judgment.

He will be strength

To those who turn back

The battle at the gate.”

Isaiah says that Yahweh of hosts will be the crown of glory and a beautiful diadem for those who are the remnant of his people. In other words, the chosen few will take on Yahweh’s spiritual leadership. Yahweh will be the spirit of justice for them. He will give them strength to hold back the enemy at the gate.

The righteous live forever (Wis 5:15-5:16)

“But the righteous live forever.

Their reward is with the Lord.

The Most High takes care of them.

Therefore they will receive

A glorious crown.

They will receive

A beautiful diadem

From the hand of the Lord.

Because with his right hand

He will cover them.

With his arm

He will shield them.”

The righteous (δίκαιοι) will live forever (τὸν αἰῶνα ζῶσ). The Lord (Κυρίῳ) gives them this reward. The Most High God (῾Υψίστου) takes care of them. They will receive a glorious crown and a beautiful diadem from the Lord. His right hand (ἐκ χειρὸς Κυρίου) will cover him. His arm will provide a shield for them.