The leech (Prov 30:15-30:16)

“The leech has two daughters.

They cry.



Three things are never satisfied.

Four never say.


They are Sheol,

The barren womb,

The earth ever thirsty for water,

And the fire.

They never say.


Now we have the various proverbs with numbers in them. They are a lot like a riddle or a prophetic saying. These riddles may have had non-Israelite roots, like much of the wisdom literature. This first proverb is about 2 daughters of a blood sucking leech. There are 4 things that are never satisfied so that they never say enough, just like the leech. These 4 things are 1) Sheol, the shadowy underground afterlife, 2) the barren womb of a woman, 3) the earth that always takes more water, and finally, 4) a fire that is ever expanding. These things never say, ‘enough.’ They are never satisfied.