Babylonian false sense of security (Isa 47:8-47:9)

“Now therefore hear this!

You lover of pleasures!

You sit securely!

You say in your heart.

‘I am.

There is no one besides me!

I shall not sit as a widow.

I shall not know the loss of children.’

Both these things shall come upon you!

In a moment!

In one day!

The loss of children,

As well as widowhood,

Shall come upon you

In full measure,

In spite of your many sorceries,

In spite of the great power of your enchantments.”

Yahweh seems to call Babylon a lover of pleasures. As always, there is a call to listen, as if they were not listening. The Babylonians have a false sense of security, since they think that they are like Yahweh, with no one like them. They believe that they will not lose children or become widows. However, Yahweh responded that this is exactly what is going to happen to them, very suddenly and unexpected. They will lose their children despite all their powerful sorcery and enchantment charms.