Reproach against false worshippers in the Temple (Jer 11:15-11:17)

“What right has my beloved

In my house?

She has done vile deeds.

Can vows

Avert your doom?

Can sacrificial flesh

Avert your doom?

Can you then exult?

Yahweh once called you,

‘A green olive tree,

Fair with goodly fruit.’

But with the roar of a great tempest,

He will set fire to it.

Its branches will be consumed.

Yahweh of hosts

Planted you.

He has pronounced evil

Against you.

Because the evil

That the house of Israel has done,

That the house of Judah has done,

Has provoked me to anger.

Because you have been making offerings

To Baal.”

What are the rights of Yahweh’s beloved in his house, the Temple? This is especially so, since they have done such vile deeds. Can their vows and their meat sacrifices avert their coming doom? Israel was once a good fruitful fair green olive tree. However, with the blast of a storm, Yahweh would consume them with fire and destroy them. Yahweh planted them, but now he has pronounced evil against them. They, both the house of Judah and the house of Israel, have done evil provoking Yahweh to anger with their offerings to Baal.

The righteous (Prov 21:12-21:15)

“The righteous observe the house of the wicked.

He casts the wicked down to ruin.

If you close your ear

To the cry of the poor,

You will cry out.

However, you will not be heard.

A gift in secret averts anger.

But a concealed bribe in the bosom

Brings strong wrath.

When justice is done,

It is a joy to the righteous.

But it is dismay to evildoers.”

The righteous ones can see the houses of the wicked. They want to cast out the wicked so that they will be ruined. If you do not listen to the poor, when you cry out, you will not be heard. A secret gift can avert anger. However, a concealed bribe will only bring about anger. Whenever justice is done, the righteous are joyous, but the evildoers are dismayed.