Other eastern trading partners (Ezek 27:23-27:24)




The merchants

Of Asshur,

The merchants

Of Chilmad

All traded with you.

These traded

With you

In choice garments,

In clothes of blue.

In embroidered work.

These traded

With you

In carpets

Of colored material,

Bound with cords,

Made secure.

These all traded

With you.”

There was no doubt that Tyre was a world class trading center. Here there is a list of its other trading partners. Haran was in Mesopotamia on the Euphrates River, while Canneh was southwest of Haran. Eden was in Assyria. Asshur was in Babylon, and Chilmad was also in Mesopotamia. These trading merchants had very good garments, especially blue and embroidered clothes. They also traded in colorful securely bound carpets that did not fall apart. Thus, Tyre also had these eastern trading partners, as well as their coastal trader town associates.

The descendents of Shem (1 Chr 1:17-1:17)

“The descendents of Shem were Elam, Asshur, Arpachshad, Lud, Aram, Uz, Hul, Gether, and Meshech.”

Once again, this is based on Genesis, chapter 10. Shem was the oldest son of Noah, the favorite of the biblical authors. The descendents of Shem will become the Semites. Some believe that the word Semite comes from his name Shem. Shem had five sons in Genesis, chapter 10. (1) Elam had a powerful territory in lower Mesopotamia named after him. (2) Asshur was the name of the first capital of Assyria. (3) The Arpachshad lineage became the most important. (4) Lud was supposedly the ancestor of Lydia. There are other people named (5) Aram in the biblical literature. Perhaps this Aram gave the name to the territory northeast of Palestine that became Syria and the people there known as Arameans. There is no mention of the descendents of Elam, Asshur, and Lud. In Genesis, chapter 10, (1) Uz, (2) Hul, (3) Gether, and (4) Meshech are the sons of Aram, but in the biblical literature they only mentioned in the genealogies here and in Genesis, chapter 10. However, Uz was a common name. There was an area called Uz in southern Syria, where Job is said to come from. Hul may be a town in northern Canaan. No one can seem to trace Gether. Meshech, sometimes called Mash, is the same name as the 6th son of Japheth.