Yahweh is good (Ps 34:7-34:10)


“The angel of Yahweh encamps

Around those who fear him.

He delivers them.


O taste and see!

Yahweh is good!

Happy are those

Who take refuge in him!


O fear Yahweh!

You his holy ones!

Those who fear him have no want!


The young lions suffer want.

The young lions suffer hunger.

But those who seek Yahweh

Lack no good thing.”

If it is not Yahweh, it is his angel who surrounded David. To those who feared Yahweh, he delivered him. David then asked us to taste and see how Yahweh was good, which has become the title of a popular hymn. Those who took their refuge in Yahweh were to be happy and holy. They would no longer fear like young lions that worried about want and hunger. Those who sought Yahweh would not lack for anything. They were the truly blessed and happy ones.

The happy ones (Ps 32:1-32:2)

A psalm of David, a Maskil

Happy are those

Whose transgression is forgiven.

Happy are those

Whose sin is covered.

Happy are those

To whom Yahweh imputes no iniquity.

Happy are those

In whose spirit there is no deceit.”

Once again, Psalm 32 is assigned to David. However, it is called a Maskil, which is the Hebrew word for wisdom. It was a term later used for the German Jewish Enlightenment Reform of the 18th and 19th century. Thus this might be considered a wisdom psalm. Who are the happy people? They are the ones whose transgressions have been forgiven. Their sins have been covered because Yahweh did not impute any iniquity to them. They have no deceit in their spirit. These are the happy or wise people.