The evildoers are eating Yahweh’s people (Ps 14:4-14:6)

“Have they no knowledge?

All the evildoers

Eat up my people

As they eat bread.

Why do they not call upon Yahweh?

There they shall be in great terror.

God is with the company of the righteous.

You would confound the plans of the poor.

However, Yahweh is their refuge.”

The evildoers are stupid. They have no knowledge. They eat up Yahweh’s people. This metaphor seems to indicate what the evil doers were trying to do to Yahweh’s people. Why are they not calling on Yahweh? There will be a great terror to come for these evildoers. This is part of the biblical apocalyptic concept of a violent ending to the evil ones. God would always be with the righteous. The poor would find refuge in Yahweh.