Do not take advantage of others (Prov 23:10-23:11)

“Do not remove an ancient landmark.

Do not encroach on the fields of orphans.

Their redeemer is strong.

He will plead their cause against you.”

This is a repetition of what was said last chapter about not removing ancient landmarks. This is about trying to take land from others. In particular, you were not to try to take away the fields of orphans, since they might have a redeemer or relative who would plead their case against you. Do not think that you can get away with this kind of action.

False boundaries (Prov 22:28-22:29)

“Do no remove the ancient landmarks

That your ancestors set up.

Do you see

Those who are skilful in their work?

They will serve kings.

They will not serve common people.”

Do not move ancient landmarks around to get more land since they were set up by your ancestors. Skillful people will serve kings and not common people.