Assyria will not save Israel (Hos 14:3-14:3)

“Assyria shall not

Save us.

We will not ride

Upon horses.

We will say no more.

‘Our God,’

To the work

Of our hands.

In you,

The orphan finds mercy.”

There was no hope in trying to form alliances with other countries. Assyria would not save them. They would not be able to ride horses. They no longer could call upon God to help them with the work of their own hands. The orphan would only find mercy in God alone.

Ephraim was a silly dove (Hos 7:11-7:12)

“Ephraim has become

Like a dove,


Without sense.

They call upon Egypt.

They go to Assyria.

As they go,

I will cast my net

Over them.

I will bring them down

Like birds of the air.

I will disciple them

According to the report

Made to their assembly.”

Ephraim has become a silly, senseless dove. They tried to make alliances with Egypt and Assyria. However, Yahweh was going to cast a net over them. He was going to bring them down as if they were birds in the air. He was going to discipline them according to the information that he got from their assembly.

Ephraim was too open to foreigners (Hos 7:8-7:10)

“Ephraim mixes himself

With various people.

Ephraim is a cake

Not turned.

Foreigners devour

His strength.

But he does not know it.

Gray hairs

Are sprinkled upon him.

But he does not know it.

Israel’s pride

Testifies against him.

Yet they do not return

To Yahweh

Their God.

They do not seek him,

For all this.”

Ephraim was always mixing with other people. They often sought alliances with other countries. They were like a half-baked cake, only done on one side. These foreigners devoured Ephraim. Their hair was turning gray, but Ephraim did not know what was going on. Their pride testified against them. They failed to return to Yahweh, their God. Neither did they seek him out, when they were in trouble.