Protection of Baruch (Jer 45:4-45:5)

“Thus you shall say to him.

‘Thus says Yahweh!

I am going to break down,

What I have built.

I am plucking up

What I planted,

The whole land!


Do you seek great things

For yourself!

Do not seek them!

I am going to bring disaster

Upon all flesh.’

Says Yahweh.

‘But I will give you

Your life

As a prize of war

In every place

To which you may go.’”

Yahweh, via Jeremiah, said that he was breaking down and plucking up from the sacred Promised Land that he had planted. He did not want Baruch to seek great things for himself. Yahweh was going to bring disaster on all humans. However, he was going to save Baruch. He was going to let him live, wherever he went, as a prize of war.