The deceived prophet (Ezek 14:9-14:11)

“‘If a prophet

Is deceived,

He speaks a word.



Have deceived

That prophet.

I will stretch out

My hand

Against him.

I will destroy him

From the midst

Of my people Israel.

They shall bear

Their punishment.

The punishment

Of the prophet

With the punishment

Of the inquirer

Shall be the same.

Thus the house of Israel

May no longer go astray

From me.

They will not

Defile themselves

Any more

With all their transgressions.

Then they shall be

My people.

I will be their God.’

Says Yahweh God.”

Yahweh said that if a prophet was deceived and spoke a wrong word, Yahweh himself had deceived him. Yahweh had stretched out his hand against him. Yahweh was going to destroy him from the midst of the people of Israel. Both those who asked about this saying and the prophet will be punished together. Thus the house of Israel may no longer go astray from Yahweh. They will not defile themselves any more with all their transgressions. Finally they shall be his people. He would be their God. Yahweh would root out all evil.

Worship of false idols is the cause of all evil (Wis 14:27-14:29)

“The worship of idols

Not to be named

Is the beginning of every evil.

It is the cause of every evil.

It is the end of every evil.

Their worshipers either rave in exultation,

Or prophesy lies,

Or live unrighteously,

Or readily commit perjury.

Because they trust in lifeless idols

They swear wicked oaths.

They expect to suffer no harm.”

The worship of these unnamed idols (ἀνωνύμων εἰδώλων) is the beginning (ἀρχὴ ) and end (πέρας ) of all evil. This worship is the cause of every evil thing. They worship in rave exultation. They prophesize lies. They live unrighteous lives. They commit perjury. They trust in lifeless idols, so that they swear wicked oaths, yet expect to suffer no harm.