The plea for victory (Ps 60:5-60:5)

“Give victory

With your right hand!

Answer us!

Thus those whom you love

May be rescued.”

This was a simple prayer to God. They wanted to gain a victory with God’s right hand. They wanted an answer to their prayer. God loved them so he should rescue them. There always was the presumption of God’s love and trust in that love, even if it was a little demanding.

Yahweh’s response is positive (Ps 21:1-21:2)

To the choirmaster leader, a psalm of David

In your strength the king rejoices!


In your help

How greatly he exults!

You have given him

His heart’s desire!

You have not withheld the request of his lips.


This Psalm 21 is a psalm of thanksgiving after a victory of David. Once again there is mention of the choir leader as a psalm of David. Yahweh has given strength to the king during the battle. He has helped the king to succeed. Yahweh has given David his heart’s desire. Just as in the preceding psalm, they wanted Yahweh to give David his heart’s desire. Now they are thankful that he has received his heart’s desire. He has not held back from the request of David’s lips. Once again, it is time for the Selah or musical pause for meditation.