The call for mercy (Dan 3:10-3:13)

“Now your servants!

We cannot

Open our mouths!

We cannot

Worship you!

We have become

A shame!

We have become

A reproach!

For your name’s sake,

Do not give us up forever!

Do not annul your covenant!

Do not withdraw

Your mercy

From us!

For the sake of Abraham,

Your beloved,

For the sake of Isaac,

Your servant,

For the sake of Israel,

Your holy one,

Do not withdraw

Your mercy!

You promised

To multiply their descendants

Like the stars of heaven,

Like the sand on the shore

Of the sea.”

Azariah made a plea to God to have mercy on him and his friends. They were not able to open their mouths to worship God. They had become a shame and a reproach for the sake of God’s name. He wanted God not to give up on them or annul the covenant that he had made with Israel. He did not want God to withdraw his mercy from them. He reminded God about Abraham, the beloved one, Isaac, his servant, and Israel, the holy one. God had promised to multiply their descendants, like the stars in heaven or like the sand on the sea shore.


Lamentation over Jerusalem (Isa 1:21-1:21)

“How the faithful city

Has become a whore!

She was full of justice!

Righteousness lodged in her!

But now there are murderers!”

There is no doubt that this faithful city is Jerusalem. What a shame! She has become a whore. She used to be full of justice and righteousness, but now there are murderers living there. The wonderful city of King David and King Solomon has become a whore because King Hezekiah decided to pay off the Assyrians not to invade them after the fall of Samaria, in 2 Kings, chapter 18.